19th Symposium on Remediation (Jena, Germany)

The symposium “Biogeochemistry of minerals and strategic metals in remediation and energy transition” will explore topics related to bioremediation and phytoremediation, metal pollution, resource recovery of critical raw materials, and environmental microbiology and will be organized at University Friedrich-Schiller (Jena, Germany) on 4-5 October 2021.

Our contribution presents the cysteine-enhanced bioremediation of a polymetallic industrial effluent using a metal-resistant strain of Shewanella, being the product of a collaborative project of our team (Paulina Wojtowicz and Dr Lucian Staicu) with University of Oviedo (Dr Diego Baragano and Prof Jose Luis Gallego), University of Granada (Prof Encarnacion Ruiz-Agudo) and University of Pannonia (Zsombor Molnar and Prof. Mihaly Posfai). This study is currently in press at Letters in Applied Microbiology.

The symposium proceedings are uploaded below:

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