Bacteria exploit metals in a clever way for metabolic purposes, to generate energy, and to produce biominerals. Sometimes metals are toxic, so bacteria have developed sophisticated strategies to counteract them. Our team focuses on unraveling the complex interaction between bacteria and metals looking at several key aspects such as biomineralization and anaerobic respiration using “exotic” elements. An additional research direction aims at recovering secondary resources from industrial effluents using microbial metabolism or the chemistry of such complex systems. Below we present several of our ongoing research topics.


Pseudomonas producing biogenic red Se(0)

Selenium (Se) and Arsenic (As)

Keywords: Anaerobic respiration; Biomineralization; Detoxification strategies.

PbS (galena) produced by a novel strain of Bacillus

Lead (Pb)

Keywords: Biomineralization; Minerals; Metals.

BaSO4 recovered from industrial effluents

Circular economy

Keywords: Industrial effluents; Resource recovery; Pollution mitigation.

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