New publication: “Selenium respiration in anaerobic bacteria: Does energy generation pay off?”

The final version of our article “Selenium respiration in anaerobic bacteria: Does energy generation pay off?” (here) published by Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry is online. Dr Staicu and prof. Larry Barton critically discuss the implications of anaerobic respiration based on selenium in phylogenetically-diverse bacteria.

This review article provides an in-depth analysis of selenium respiration (model selenium respiring bacteria, thermodynamics, respiratory enzymes, and genetic determinants), complemented by an extensive discussion about the evolutionary implications and the properties of biogenic Se0.

Goldschmidt2021 participation

Our team was active at the recent Goldschmidt2021 (Lyon, France – online format) conference contributing an oral presentation on the biogeochemistry of industrial effluents and a session on biominerals.


Session 11d: “Reverse osmosis effluents: biogeochemical and mineralogical investigation”


Session 10a: “(Bio)mineralisation: Geochemical, industrial, and engineering perspectives”

Lyon, the luminous - Lyon Travel Guide

Lyon, the luminous


Lecture at University of Granada

On Thursday, 25/02, at 9 AM (CET), Dr. Staicu will lecture on “Bioremediation and recovery of metals resulted from industrial activities” at Faculty of Sciences, University of Granada (Spain), hosted by Prof. Mohamed Merroun. You are cordially invited!

Link talk:

Presentation on University of Granada website:

Membership COST Action “Trace metal metabolism in plants”

Dr. Staicu joined COST Action 19116 “Trace metal metabolism in plants”.

“PLANTMETALS tackles basic and applied issues related to trace metal deficiency or excess levels in plant physiology and crop production by the combined expertise of physiologists, (bio)physicists, (bio)(geo)chemists, molecular geneticists, ecologists, agronomists and soil scientists. Knowledge will be translated to the needs of farmers and consumers, with inputs from companies.”