Conferences (*presenter)

Ruiz-Agudo E*, Staicu LC, Wojtowicz PJ, Pósfai M, Baragaño Coto D, Gallego JLR. “Reverse osmosis effluents: biogeochemical and mineralogical investigation”. 05/07, Goldschmidt2021 (here) (oral).

Staicu LC*, Wojtowicz PJ. “Selenium biomineralization in bacteria: fundamentals and biotechnological applications”. 16th Winter School in Mineral Sciences, 22-23/01 – “Minerals and Life”, Veszprem, Hungary (here) (oral).

Staicu LC*, Wojtowicz PJ, Pósfai M, Pekker P, Gorecki A, Barton LL. “PbS biomineralization: novel microbial detoxification strategy”. Minerals in the Natural and Built Environment, Mineralogical Society GB & Ireland, 14/06, Newcastle, UK (here) (oral).

Seminars and webminars

Staicu LC*, Wojtowicz PJ. “Biominerals: towards new biological functions”. Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP), France, 02/07.

“FEMS Microbiology Ecology webminar on microbes vs metals”, Contribution Staicu LC: “Microbial biominerals”, 08/04 (here)

Staicu LC. “Bioremediation and recovery of metals resulted from industrial activities”, 25/02, Faculty of Sciences, University of Granada, Spain (here)

Staicu LC. “Selenium biomineralization: the trade-offs of bacterial respiration”. BioGeo-Colloquium, 26/01, Institute of Geosciences, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany (here)